Implementation of eOffice in Railway Board
Ministry of Railways (Railway Board)
SMS alerts enabled in eOffice for electronic files.
Please update your mobile no. in Employee Master Data -> User Profile -> Contact Details.
Also enable SMS option in File Management System -> Settings -> Preferences -> alerts
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 Office Orders    
    Modified DSC Policy for Indian Railways 02-09-2019
    Office Order 17-10-2018- Procedure for DSC reimbursement
    Recording/Review of Files/Procedures 14-03-2018
    Implementation of e-File in Railway Board 11-09-2017
    DSC Policy for Indian Railways 21-07-2017
    DSC Office Memorandum 22-02-2017
    Migration of FTS and implementation of eOffice 07-09-2016
    Migration of FTS and implementation of eOffice- Reminder 06-04-2016
    Project Steering committee and Project Task Force_01-12-2016
    Migration of FTS and implementation of eOffice 23-03-2016
    Setting up of Task Force and Project Review Committee 20-06-2014
 Help Files   Mail your queries to :- (from NIC mail  id with eOffice in Subject)
    Steps for Conversion of Physical file to Electronic File
    Guidelines for scanning physical files
    eOffice not opening - Solution
    Name and Address of DSC vendors
    Duties of Convener and Nodal Officer
    How to Do Job of Nodal Officer
    Closing/reopening of files
    How to register DSC
    How to register DSC_Signer_Service
    How to use eOffice
    E-File User Manual
    E-File Quick Start
    Employee Master Data (EMD) Admin Manual
    Proforma for scanning request
    DSC form and Guidelines -Sify
    DSC Form
    DSC Covering Letter
    Sample filled Form
    EMD Data Worksheet
    eOffice Trg for SAG & Above(24-04-2017 to 28-04-2017)
    eOffice Trg Second Schedule(24-04-2017 to 02-06-2017)
    eOffice Orientation Programme(16-01-2017)
    eOffice Trg Schedule(09-01-2017 to 13-04-2017)
    eOffice Trg Schedule(12-09-2016 to 30-09-2016)
 eOffice Data    
    List of Nodal Officers
    List of eOffice registered users

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