Implementation of eOffice in Railway Board
Ministry of Railways (Railway Board)
SMS alerts enabled in eOffice for electronic files.
Please update your mobile no. in Employee Master Data -> User Profile -> Contact Details.
Also enable SMS option in File Management System -> Settings -> Preferences -> alerts
      Click here to open e-Office ( (Use Mozilla Firefox for better performance)
 Office Orders    
    Modified DSC Policy for Indian Railways 02-09-2019
    Office Order 17-10-2018- Procedure for DSC reimbursement
    Recording/Review of Files/Procedures 14-03-2018
    Implementation of e-File in Railway Board 11-09-2017
    DSC Policy for Indian Railways 21-07-2017
    DSC Office Memorandum 22-02-2017
    Migration of FTS and implementation of eOffice 07-09-2016
    Migration of FTS and implementation of eOffice- Reminder 06-04-2016
    Project Steering committee and Project Task Force_01-12-2016
    Migration of FTS and implementation of eOffice 23-03-2016
    Setting up of Task Force and Project Review Committee 20-06-2014
 Help Files   Mail your queries to :- (from NIC mail  id with eOffice in Subject)
    Receipt/Dispatch document handling guide
    Quick Guide for email diarisation
    Quick Start Guide for eOffice
    User Guide for eOffice working
    Steps for Conversion of Physical file to Electronic File
    Guidelines for scanning physical files
    eOffice not opening - Solution
    Name and Address of DSC vendors
    Duties of Convener and Nodal Officer
    How to Do Job of Nodal Officer
    Closing/reopening of files
    How to register DSC
    How to register DSC_Signer_Service
    E-File User Manual
    E-File Quick Start
    Employee Master Data (EMD) Admin Manual
    DSC form and Guidelines -Sify
    DSC Form - nCode
    DSC Covering Letter
    Sample filled Form
    EMD Data Worksheet
 eOffice Data    
    List of Nodal Officers

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